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Chrysler LLC takes online privacy very seriously. Simply stated, we will not distribute information about you, such as your name, mailing address, phone number and other personal information to anyone other than an affiliated third party. Affiliated third parties are companies that are part of the Chrysler LLC group of companies, Chrysler LLC dealers, and companies who perform services for Chrysler LLC or its dealers. Chrysler LLC reserves the right to alter its privacy principles, as business needs require. Visitors from outside the United States should be aware that any personal information they provide will be stored in the United States in accordance with US law.

When you visit a Chrysler LLC sponsored website, information about your visit may be collected and stored for analytical purposes. There are also several opportunities on our web sites for you to provide information about you and your interests. If you provide personal information to assist Chrysler LLC, its group companies, dealers or distribution partners in responding to your request, this information will be stored and used for follow-up communications by such group companies, dealers or distribution partners of Chrysler LLC. It may be used for marketing research and other marketing purposes, and may be shared with affiliated third parties.

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